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Swatches- February Ispy Glam Bag

Published February 23, 2013 by MyEye4Fashion

I swatched a couple things from the February Glam Bag, I wasn’t too impressed with the palette, but the liner is really nice.

ispy glam bag february


 W/O & W/ FLASH Coastal Scents- Glitz & Glamour quad


ashen- dry texture and a bit hard to make it opaque 

candlelight- smooth, easy to swatch

incognito- smooth, easy to swatch

gunmetal- chalky texture, has gold sparkles that don’t transfer well in swatch, just a sheen

Mica Beauty gel liner black- opaque and smooth


Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette!

Published May 22, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, I received my package yesterday, YAAYYY!!! So I have some pictures and swatches! I also got the precious lashes, because last time I ordered, almost all the lashes were sold out. Yes, their lashes are just that awesome lol.

Outstanding packaging as usual 🙂

This quote is excellent and very true I might add!


Back- love, love, and more love lol

Beautiful colors! I know manyyy people were looking forward to Sugarpill releasing new shades/palettes! On their FB page, they were kind enough to swatch shades of these new colors, in comparison to similar colors in the other palettes and loose shadows! This helped a lot of people who those these colors were the same as other colors they had available.

Swatches: (L TO R) Acidberry, Velocity, 2am, and Mochi. Acidberry and Velocity were easy to swatch, nice and smooth. And the colors build up fairly nicely for the swatches on my skin tone! 2am was a bit harder to swatch, it wasn’t as smooth, but as you can see the color payoff was still pretty darn good! Mochi was very nice and smooth! I think it has the best pigmentation out of the 4! I look forward to using these colors and my other palettes!

I cannot wait to use these lashes!!!! They are soo beautiful! I’m sad I have to trim them because my eyes aren’t that big, what a shame, they look so perfect!

Sample size of Magentric! Very shimmery magenta(duh lol).

I hope you enjoyed my Sugarpill post!

Until next time 😀