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A Little Haul + Swatches

Published May 30, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, I had a full had out today, running errands and such. I stopped by Walmart to return some items and picked these things up!

I got 4 Mega Last lipsticks and Coloricon eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in dark brown from Wet n’ Wild. I also got a Brow Filling and Defining eyebrow pencil in dark brown and a Soft Kohl Intense eye liner pencil from Rimmel. I’m trying to try new methods of doing my brows, so I got pencils because i have been using powder.

I will start from the top. The white eye pencil is really smooth I love it! I think it will work great. Underneath that is the Rimmel brow pencil. I was not smooth or soft. I have to see how it works on my brow. Beneath that the Wet n’ Wild brow pencil was nice and smooth, which is great since it doubles as eye liner! It will go to great use either way. In comparison the WnW pencil is a true dark brown, the other one looks to be a medium brown.

Now onto the lipsticks! Again from the top Rose-bud, Cinnamon Spice, Cherry Picking, and Coral-ine! I love them all, they are very smooth! One of these days I will do a post with all the shades I have on my lips. That would be fun.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay tuned, I have some video posts of tutorials soon.

Until next time 😀


Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette!

Published May 22, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, I received my package yesterday, YAAYYY!!! So I have some pictures and swatches! I also got the precious lashes, because last time I ordered, almost all the lashes were sold out. Yes, their lashes are just that awesome lol.

Outstanding packaging as usual 🙂

This quote is excellent and very true I might add!


Back- love, love, and more love lol

Beautiful colors! I know manyyy people were looking forward to Sugarpill releasing new shades/palettes! On their FB page, they were kind enough to swatch shades of these new colors, in comparison to similar colors in the other palettes and loose shadows! This helped a lot of people who those these colors were the same as other colors they had available.

Swatches: (L TO R) Acidberry, Velocity, 2am, and Mochi. Acidberry and Velocity were easy to swatch, nice and smooth. And the colors build up fairly nicely for the swatches on my skin tone! 2am was a bit harder to swatch, it wasn’t as smooth, but as you can see the color payoff was still pretty darn good! Mochi was very nice and smooth! I think it has the best pigmentation out of the 4! I look forward to using these colors and my other palettes!

I cannot wait to use these lashes!!!! They are soo beautiful! I’m sad I have to trim them because my eyes aren’t that big, what a shame, they look so perfect!

Sample size of Magentric! Very shimmery magenta(duh lol).

I hope you enjoyed my Sugarpill post!

Until next time 😀

Mother’s Day Look!

Published May 13, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, I have another look for you! This is the look I did today using my Inglot palette primarily.

To refresh your memory if you watched my Inglot video, this is the palette. It is a 10 eyeshadow palette, but I have 8 showing here because I haven’t repaired one of the broken shadows and the other hasn’t been sent yet. Anywhoo, I used the pink, yellow, and shimmery purple. I love these shadows, they’re super pigmented!!! Now on to the pics!

A little blurry on the left.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s! I hope you guys enjoyed this look as well!

Until next time 🙂

Random Look: Playing in Makeup

Published May 12, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, last night I was bored so I started playing in my makeup lol. I just did a simple look.

Excuse the messy hair lol. Tell me what you guys think! Any questions about the products? Leave it below in the comments and I’ll get back to you! Also visit my Facebook page for frequent updates, click here!

Drugstore Haul!

Published April 28, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, I don’t know whats going on, but I’ve been on a cosmetic rampage lol…Hauls left and right, well this one isn’t that major lol.

Starting at the top, I bought 4 more Revlon lip butters, moon drop lipstick, and colorburst lipstick. The Revlon colorstay liquid eye pen (felt tip) and Wet n’ Wild lipsticks, and palette in Petal Pushers, I was finally able to find it! The lipstick colors are described in order below.

This is the best photo I could take where the flash didn’t completely skew the colors.

(L TO R) Lip butters- Creamsicle (my least fav just because the color makes me look sick lol too pale), red velvet, creme brulee, and sweet tart. Moon drops lipstick in orange flip, and colorburst in baby pink. Wet n’ Wild (black) in putty persimmon, (silver) in 521A (more fuchsia purple) and 525D (medium pinkish purple). I love all these products, they go on really smooth and pigmented!

Look of the Day! April 14th

Published April 14, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, I didn’t do a tutorial for this look or anything, but I wanted to share the finished product with you all!

Tell me what you think! I did this look from a picture I saw! It came out pretty well! Btw I have some videos coming soon, so stay tuned for the posts!

Products used:


Elf 100 palette lime/medium greens and shimmer blue/medium blue

NYX Carribean I dream of anigua- shimmery blue

Sugarpill Dollipop (hot pink)

Cherimoya waterproof black eyeliner

Wet n’ wild mega eyes liquid liner black

Maybelline Lash stiletto voluptuous very black


NYX eyebrow powder

Hard Candy Just face it foundation in deep

Neutrogena SkinClearing mineral powder in Tan 80

Milani blush in Sweet rose


Revlon Lip butter in strawberry shortcake and i dabbed a little bit of wet n’ wild lipstick in Don’t blink pink

Enjoy! Until next time 🙂

My Splurge Sneak Peak!

Published March 16, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey Guys! As you may know from my last post, I am trying to get back to youtube for more exciting fun on my blog. I wanted to save my splurge for video, when I received my shipment, but the excitement is eating away at me! I can’t hold it in any longer! Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but I am happy about my purchase!

So the last couple of days Ebay had a sale going on with the Coach Factory. When I first received the email, I was like ehh oh well. The funny thing is some bags were already sold out about 4-5 hours into the sale lol. I can’t say I was too surprised.

I’m not one who goes gaga over purses, especially high end ones, because they are expensive! Coach in Macy’s and such are still expensive, so I don’t care for them much. Coach has become a hot commodity, but I only go with what I like.

Anywho, enough of the rambling! I saw this baby and I could not resist. Its the perfect Spring/Summer color and a size I love! I had to get it!

Its apparently a new collection (I think I don’t follow their collections). The bag is called the Ashley Leather Carryall in Geranium. Geranium is a flower and it just fits the upcoming season as I said before. There were a good amount of items available from bags, wristlets, to jewelry etc., but this one was for me! It was 58% off in the sale event for $179.00, but with taxes and shipping it was just under $200.

I guess I could’ve found a similar color bag somewhere else for cheaper and with cheaper quality, but I got this and no regrets over here! The bag should be on my doorstep shortly! I’m excited to switch out my old purse, its about time!

Yay for my splurge! Tell what you think about this bag, Coach, or anything in the comments!

Until next time 🙂