Urban Decay Products + Cute Find!

Published April 29, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Another purchase I’m just getting around to mentioning with all the craziness with school, finals, and projects *sigh* lol. There’s only two more days of classes on Mon. and Tue.! Then my first final exam on Thursday, another the following Mon., then a presentation Tue., then I’m free! Although I start two summer classes at the end of May, they are online so it’s not nearly as annoying and it only lasts a month. Only a couple classes, so I can still enjoy my summer! Anywhooo, on to the good stuff.

 On Hautelook, about a month ago now. I orders the Book of Shadows IV($25) and Electric 24/7 travel set($9). I didn’t realize how long it takes for them to ship the items. It took about 3 weeks, so I was kinda bummed when I found out I could get them on the UD site for around the same price. Oh well, it was already done.

I like what’s included in here. The shadows are nice and pigmented. I’m sure there are swatches everywhere now since its old news lol. I can’t wait to try the 24/7 eyeliner! The mascara and primer potion are good as well. I like the little speaker it came with, it actually sounded clear when I attached my cell to play music. I wouldn’t pay the full price for this, especially since the packaging is unnecessarily large. At the sale price it seemed about right lol.

 So these are the cutest things! If you read my about me you would know I love Hello Kitty lol, but I don’t go overboard lol. My mom was actually out and found these in T.J. Maxx and thought about me, because she knows how I feel about HK. It has mini HK’s on the top part on the frame with hearts and the rest of it is basic black.

I can’t remember if they were $7.99 or 12.99, but they were very reasonable. I’ve been wearing these on every sunny day lol. I’m definitely going to be enjoying them through the summer! I have other sunglasses as well, but I’ll have to see how often I reach for them. I should have put a pic in with me wearing them, maybe I’ll add it in later!

Until next time 🙂


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