Julie G ‘s New Nail Polish Line! April 2012

Published April 18, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Ok, so these are the first 5 polishes I ordered out of 8 and there is 27 in the collection. I forgot to take a picture like this with the other three, but you’ll see them below. I lined up the polishes in the back accordingly. (From left to right) Dream in Pretty, Fierce and Fab, Passion, Gelato in Venice, and Shimmer Island.  Below I show them with 1 coat with the bottle, then 2 coats, subsequently. I apologize in advance for some of the messy polish lol. I didn’t clean then up as I was only swatching 🙂

This is Dream in Pretty with one coat! It is a creamy lilac with a boost. I was really impressed, it was pretty easy to work with and I think it’s my favorite out of the bunch!

This is with 2 coats! Looovee it!

Fierce and Fab was the polish I was most disappointed in. I know it was supposed to be a matte finish, but the color after it matted down was ehh, not my cup of tea. I would have loved the color of the polish in the bottle.; it’s a rich almost neon purple, very vibrant. I’m not sure, maybe I would like the color more with a glossy top coat.

Here it is with 2 coats. I have to say this was another polish that was easy to work with, so that’s a plus. It’s like a raspberry color when matted down.

This is Passion, a red/burgundy based purple. My third purple type of color. I don’t have many purple polishes because I don’t usually like the shades I find for my skin tone. I took a chance with 3 purple polishes, because I love Julie G! I’ve been watching her for at least a few years now. Again this color is very opaque with the first coat.

This is 2 coats and I really like this color! This polish was easy to work with as well.

I was really excited for Gelato in Venice! It’s goes along with the minty trend going on, although I’m not usually hot for trends. The 1 coat was fairly opaque, but you can see that the polish was kind of streaky :-/ So this one was not so easy to work with, but I still love the color and I will be more careful applying it.

With 2 coats I was able to even everything out. All I would have to to is clean up and I love the color pay off.

Shimmer Island would probably be best layered on top of something, but for the swatch I used it alone. So this is one coat, it’s a lime green and gold shimmer. I really like it.

With 2 coats I could pull of wearing it alone, but it in the sunlight the sheerness would show more.

Now on to the next three polishes. This one is 9 to 5, a baby peach color! Another one I was really excited for. It was a bit streaky, but not as much as Gelato in Venice.

With two coats everything was even out and I liked the color pay off. My finger look abnormally dark here, weird lighting I guess lol. Again I would clean it up and it would be good to go!

Now, this is Bikini, a hot pink/neon coral color; this is my second favorite after Dream in Pretty. This polish went on pretty well. At the top I messed up by not having enough polish no the brush, so that was human error lol

Came out nice and opaque with the second coat. I really love it!

The last one is called Kickin’ It. I liked the color of this polish. I don’t usually wear blue, because I want a light -medium blue. The shades I usually find look good in the bottle, but try to dark. Anywho this color is sheer with first coat with shimmers that look silver and a little bit green.

The 2nd coat looks really good and I like the color payoff! Its bright and fun, so I will definitely be wearing it this Spring and Summer!

Well, that’s all I purchased. I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  You can purchase this polish at your local Rite-Aide or on Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics, the distributor for her polishes!

Until next time 🙂


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