Beauty: Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror

Published March 8, 2012 by MyEye4Fashion

Hey guys, this is the bonus post for today. I’ve been waiting for this package and I’m so excited. I’ve been searching high and low for a quality product like this one that was worth buying. It is the OttLite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror. It’s a bit pricey, but I’m telling  you guys this product is amazing. See Below!

The box (front)

The box (back)- It talks about the special OttLite 508 Illumination lights, before and after pics with and without their light technology, and the depiction of the angle in which the mirror can bend. Also it features a nice blurb about how the mirror is earth-friendly and energy efficient as well, thats a plus!

The mirror is 13 inches tall. And as you can see mine is pink, with some white paisley designs on it! I don’t have to hunch over to use this mirror at all. The two white sides surrounding the mirror are the lights. The light are bright and you can surely see everything you need to.

The mirror swivels and the other side is the 5x magnification! It works great, because I could see my smallest pores.

The base- Just a look at the design. This mirror does come in a variety of colors so you don’t have to get pink :-p

There’s the logo and underneath is the button to turn the lights on/off. You press down and either way it makes a click sound.

I found this at Target and I got a break because I already had a $20 gift card, so it was about $50 and free shipping! It came very well packages so overall I am very pleased!

I hope this post was helpful! Look out for my other post coming today! 🙂


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