Jewelry Organization Update!

Published September 11, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

Ok everyone, in a previous post I was trying to figure out which jewelry organizer I wanted to get and I showed some examples. The most important aspect was a place for my earrings in an organizer. So I found one I really liked from Urban Outfitter’s, but it was $29 and I thought it was overpriced 2x. Anyway, yesterday I went to my job to pick up my check as usual. I was looking around and BAM, I found the most beautiful and practical organizer for $9.99. I am in love with it!

I think it’s so cute and functional! The picture on the right shows the hoops to put the earrings in. The diamond knob on the top makes it really easy to carry as well. I took some pictures after I filled it up.

I filled it with all my earrings so far and I still have plenty of space! I should have taken a picture of the top heart, which is where I put all of my stud earrings. The second heart will hold all my rings and the last one will have bracelets, but not bangles because I think those are too large for the space.

I have some Command hooks on my wall for necklaces that I picked up from Walmart, so that part is taken care of. Now I’m looking for a nice way to organize my make-up brushes and other make up products. My goal is to make my dresser more organized and spacious!

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Until next time 😀


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