My Red Lipstick

Published September 9, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

Since the holiday season is coming up, I thought I should go for a nice red lipstick. The ones I have are more pink and peachy, so red is a great addition. Well I took some pictures for you guys below!

P.S.  I just got home from classes a little earlier, so I didn’t put make-up on or create a complete look; just wanted to show the lipstick off!

I bought this lipstick as a part of my mini haul from The lipstick I’m wearing is Jordana in 064 Holiday Red; the name says it all; I added some lip gloss to finish it off! I can’t wait to wear this out and create a complete look, stay tuned for that and my thoughts on the other items !

I think everyone should have a nice red lipstick. The color is so versatile that anyone can find a shade that will work for them. Lipstick doesn’t have to be expensive; the one I got isn’t a brand name but it looks great! My other lipsticks are from Revlon and CoverGirl and they are excellent. Those brands and Jordana go on very smooth and they seem to last pretty well, but touch ups are essential when necessary.

I hope this helped, subscribe to the right, and like my FB page for support! Any questions? Just ask!

Until next time 😀


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