My Eye Shadow Base & Info

Published September 6, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

L’oreal Paris De-crease Eye Shadow Base


The only eye shadow base I have is this one above. I didn’t have time to get the one I had wanted, because I was going out later on the same day I purchased this item. I went to my local CVS and picked it up. I think it’s the only base I saw, as a matter of fact. I would say it works pretty well for the brand/price. I never had a problem with it showing creasing, but then again I don’t usually wear make-up for over 5 hours really. Some people have issues with it, but for me it worked well enough but I still plan to get a better one. I usually dot some on my eye with the wand, then smooth it out with my finger.

A lot of people seem to recommend the MAC paint pots, NYX, Too Faced Shadow Insurance and a couple other great brands. Be aware that these options are more expensive, but most people rave about them because of superiority.

I hope this helped! Any questions? Just comment below and don’t forget to subscribe on the right.

Until next time 😀


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