Rain Boots: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Published September 3, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

My Rain Boots

A few weeks ago, I contemplated buying rubber rain boots for the first time in my life. My job had a shipment of them in different colors and styles that were really pretty. I went home and looked for some rain boots online and I realized they weren’t only for rain, they can also be worn in the snow. They made rain boot liners to be worn inside your boots to keep your feet warm in the cold weather. I though it was really cool and a comfy way to wear rain boots. So, I purchased a pair of boots like this, except it was black & grey, below. These particular boots felt more like plastic than rubber though.


These boots have a round toe, but the one I purchased had a strange narrow square toe. I also got the rain boot liner, below.


These liners we’re really comfy and warm, but they were way to thick for the oddly shaped boots to I ended up exchanging them, for these.

My boots look exactly like this, except the side has extendable tabs, which come in handy if you want to tuck your pants in. I like these much better and there’s so much more room, so my feet aren’t cramped. I’m on the look out for a liner that is a little bit thinner, because even though the boots have more room, it’s a bit tough to get my foot out with the liner above. Both of the boots I bought were the brand Capelli, but they fit different.


My Thoughts

Overall, I think rain boots can be really cute and practical for rain and snow, but you want to make sure the bottom of the boot has deep grooves for the snow; if not, you can easily slip and fall. Another thing is, depending on the brand, the shaft may be to tight if you have larger calves. If you plan to buy rain boots and you have that issue, its best to get them in the store, rather than online. Sometimes online sites allow reviews, so people may bring that up. Lastly, make sure you get a size that leaves you room for thick socks and liners; I’ve heard rain boots can shrink a little after the first time they’re worn in the rain.


Hope this helps someone.

Until next time 😀


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