Skirts ’11

Published September 2, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

The Body Con Skirt

One of the most popular things right now is the body con. There’s body con dresses too, but this is specifically focused on skirts. I personally love the shape, actually the shapeless nature of it and more the stretch, because it conforms to my body; it hugs and accentuate my curves. Curves aren’t a requirement, but it looks good, so I’d recommend it.
The Bandage Skirt
This skirt seems to be similar to the body con, but it has the vertical lines to create the “bandage” look. I’ve never owned one of these, but it seems cute. I see a lot of people looking around for these when I’m at work, but my job doesn’t have much since we’re transitioning into fall. *Random Observation* The girl wearing the red skirt looks horrible in it, not to be rude, but yikes!
The Maxi Skirt
The maxi skirt is absolutely awesome. I love, love, love it. Its so comfy, yet it can still be put together with cute accessories and some gladiator or boho type sandals. They come in so many different designs and colors.  I have a pink onmbre one, super cute & I love it.
The Pencil Skirt
Who doesn’t like a pencil skirt? Most people do and why not because these two skirts are so pretty. They feature other popular things like lace and animal print, without over doing it. These are appropriate for the office and for going out. I do own a few and they are great. This type of skirt also shows off my curves!
The A-line Skirt
These are really classy and they come in great designs. It has been said the a-line skirt works perfectly with those who have a pear shape. This skirt can be overpowering for some people, so it’s not for every one, but its a great piece to have. I have skirts and dresses with an a-line skirt and it looks great.
The Minis
I see people wearing these and I really don’t understand. The sequin skirt looks cute, but if I ever tried to wear it half or most of my behind would be showing. Some skirts are just to short, but its worse for me because a lot of them have nice designs. I guess if you behind isn’t so full, you could possibly pull it off, but it all depends on taste.
Overall, a lot of these skirts can be worn with tights or leggings for transitions into the fall/winter. I’m not to fond of wearing skirts during the chillier months, but maybe I’l give it a try. I found a lot of these skirts at, if you wanna check them out, they range from $9-$30.
I hope you enjoyed this, until next time 🙂

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