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New Nail Polishes I Love!

Published September 29, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

I recently picked up some new nail polishes and I thought I’d share them. These colors aren’t particularly for fall, but I wear all kinds of shades year round. This list is in no particular order.

(Top three are from the Shrek Forever After Collection)

1. OPI “Funky Dunkey”

2. OPI “Fiercely Fiona”

3. OPI “What’s With The Cattitude”

(Currently wearing this and its beautiful! (I don’t wear blue much)

4. Essie “Turquiose & Caicos”

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Lipstick & Lipgloss Vid & Pics

Published September 25, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

Hi everyone, I just uploaded a new video and I wanted to post the pics I have of myself wearing a few of the items.

This is the Maybelline 140 Fuchsia Fever lipstick with the Revlon Colorburst 010 Hot Pink Rose lip gloss on top. Like I was saying its a 80’s pink šŸ™‚

This is the Jordana lipstick in Holiday Red fromĀ I don’t have anything on top of it and this lipstick smells delicious!

Finally On Youtube!

Published September 24, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

Ok, I’ve been trying to get videos up for quite for time, but my old computer really sucked and I needed to replace it.I was finally able to do so, which leads me to announce my first YouTube video. Its nothing special, just an introduction, but I just wanted to let you guys know so you can go over and watch it and subscribe for future video’s. I already have quite a few things I want to review and things like that, so I’m really excited!

Here is the link to my first video:

Recent E.l.f Haul!

Published September 15, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

Yes, within a short period of time e.l.f. got another purchase out of me. I couldn’t help myself with the labor day deal they were promoting. Okay, now on to the details of the items! Everything is from eyeslipsface.comĀ !

This is the studio blush in Fuchsia Fusion for $3. I absolutely love the color for a night out because it’s very shimmery!

I got two tintedĀ moisturizer’sĀ with SPFĀ 15 because I wasn’t sure which shade would work best; it turns out a mixture of the two is perfect. TheseĀ moisturizer’sĀ blendĀ in very well for me and looks very natural for $1 each.

I bought two packs of this shine eraser; essential a blotting paper; 50 sheets per pack for $1 each. I heard really great things about this product and its an ideal for me because my t-zone gets ridiculously oily; it’s quite annoying actually.

I got a transparent eyelash primer. There were good reviews on this item as well. I look forward to using it. My eyelashes are really short, so I’m hoping it helps elongate them in preparation for mascara, since I currently suck at false lashes :-/

I’ve never used an eyelash curler, so I purchased this mechanical one for $1. I’m not to sure if it’s a must have, but then again I’m not sure if I’m using it right. As of right now it seems pretty good so I will give it a chance!

I do have breakouts so I decided to get the zit zapper, which also had good reviews. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m hoping to see results so I can buy some more!

Lastly, I bought this single shadow for $3 in Sunset. It’s a really nice goldish orange or a lighter burnt orange. I can’t wait to use it, it’s definitely a fall color!

I hope you liked this and let me know what you think! Questions? Ask away!

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Jewelry Organization Update!

Published September 11, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

Ok everyone, in a previous post I was trying to figure out which jewelry organizer I wanted to get and I showed some examples. The most important aspect was a place for my earrings in an organizer. So I found one I really liked from Urban Outfitter’s, but it was $29 and I thought it was overpriced 2x. Anyway, yesterday I went to my job to pick up my check as usual. I was looking around and BAM, I found the most beautiful and practical organizer for $9.99. I am in love with it!

I think it’s so cute and functional! The picture on the right shows the hoops to put the earrings in. The diamond knob on the top makes it really easy to carry as well. I took some pictures after I filled it up.

I filled it with all my earrings so far and I still have plenty of space! I should have taken a picture of the top heart, which is where I put all of my stud earrings. The second heart will hold all my rings and the last one will have bracelets, but not bangles because I think those are too large for the space.

I have some Command hooks on my wall for necklaces that I picked up from Walmart, so that part is taken care of. Now I’m looking for a nice way to organize my make-up brushes and other make up products. My goal is to make my dresser more organized and spacious!

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Julie G by Jessie’s Girl!

Published September 10, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

I justĀ receivedĀ the Julie G nail polish’s I bought from!!! I’m so excited; I only bought 4 out of the eight colors that are my favorite, which areĀ Stiletto, All Things Girly, Party Dress, and Cupcake Frosting! Pics below. I will make an update when I try all the colors, but last night I did my nails, so I don’t want to take it off Ā just yet.