Skinny Jeans & a Cardigan

Published August 31, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

I’ve been thinking about how often I see people specifically wearing skinny jeans and cardigans. Those two items come in a variety of colors and styles, which goes to show how you can personalize it a bit, even though it sounds so simple. I wanted to share some skinny jeans and cardigan looks and talk about them and my own opinion on the combo.

This outfit is a more “dressed up” version of the skinny jeans and a cardi. It’s very chic, yet neutral, without being to bland. Since all the colors are relatively matte, the two metallic accessories give the overall outfit a pop of sheen. I think you could wear this out for some drinks, low-key style.

These four outfits use the same  jeans, while switching out the cardigan and shoes. The first features a comfy looking cardi for a chilly morning, maybe while heading to classes,  but its polished off with metallic flats. The second and third look more like the outfits you’d put together to run some errands and a quick shopping trip, okay maybe not so quick 🙂  The last outfit is a put together look for dinner & a movie with your boyfriend/hubby or just a movie with friends.

Now this outfit has cobalt blue written all over it! Now to make sure it’s not too wild, pair it with some dark jeans and neutral belt and cardi. The cascade cardi is really cute, it almost looks like a vertical ruffle, comfy as well. This outfit works for school, errands, and such.

An older pic of me, but I’m wearing my cardi and skinny jeans, at the ice skating rink. Fun day!

Everyone know’s Fall is right around the corner, so everyone will be pulling out their skinny jeans and cardigans. This is a trend that seems to be timeless.

Until next time 😀


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