Online Shopping Pros/Cons & Tips

Published August 27, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion


Okay, the people who know me personally can tell you first hand that I am an online shopaholic. I can always find something I want while shopping online. There’s simply soooo much more to choose from, who doesn’t like that? Well, I guess I shouldn’t; most of the time I don’t have money to spend lol…Either way I get sucked in and end up searching through all the categories and subsequently adding items to my wish list (thank God for those)!

The best thing about it is you’re not walking around for hours, searching  racks, and pushing a cart; ultimately becoming exhausted. You can be anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. All the colors, sizes, and categories are at your finger tips and I can’t forget the fast checkout and shopping at ANY time! There are many websites so I’m sure you’ll be able to find whatever you need; the internet is crazy-cool like that now-a-days.

Also, some sites allow returns to your local store for a refund, but usually merchandise credit, which isn’t bad at all. You can either get the correct size in the store (if they have it) , find something else you like in the store, or buy the correct size online or something else. The option of expedited shipping works for a lot of people and some sites offer signature’s with packages, so they are not left out for someone to come by and swipe.

And of course tracking numbers; if your like me you keep track of your packages. It’s a terrific way to make sure you’ll be around to get the package, have someone around to get it for you, know when to leave a note for the company with directions for the package, or so schedule a pick up on their service website. There’s plenty of ways to ensure your package gets to you safely.


I really like that most sites usually have models or mannequins, to at least visualize how the garment would look on your body, BUT this is also deceiving at times because I’m not a size 0, 2, or 4, like the models or a mannequin. Most likely the garment will look different in my size, sometimes vastly different, accommodating my larger bust, hips, bottom, and thighs. This leads into another disappointment, which is returning the merchandise. Make sure to read the return policy!

Some sites allow in-store returns, like I stated above, but others don’t have that option. Some sites offer a free label to ship it back, but in reality it’s not free at all. They usually deduct roughly $4-7 from the refund amount, depending on the amount of items, to reimburse themselves. If you’ve already thrown away the packaging or the package isn’t reusable, it worse because you have to purchase it and pay the shipping rate right away if there’s no “free label”.

And I can’t forget about scams. If the website doesn’t look legit, pop it into Google. There’s usually evidence that states whether it’s a scam or not. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) seal is safe; type that into Google for more information. Other sites have authorization and safe check-out seals, when in doubt be safe rather than sorry! Also, arrival time can be long, if the company doesn’t have a warehouse nearby or if the site gets a lot of traffic. The extra cost for expedited shipping isn’t great either 😦


  • Check if the site is legit, if you’re not familiar with it
  • Read the return policy
  • Sign up for promotions from your favorite sites
  • Be on the look out for promo codes and sales
  • Check similar sites for comparable or the same merchandise for cheaper prices
  • Always check out the sizing chart, even though it may not always be accurate
  • Be aware of shipping rates
  • Read reviews on the merchandise to avoid issues, i.e sizing, quality, etc…
  • Don’t go bankrupt!
  • Have fun and shop away!

One comment on “Online Shopping Pros/Cons & Tips

  • I’m an online junkie myself. I also encourage my clients to shop online once the know the brands that work for them. another thing I do it stick to the “higher-end” department store sites sale sections. I always find things at bargain basement prices, shipping is usually free, and you can do in-store or mail in return.

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