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Alloy Quiz

Published August 31, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion


Head over to to find out what fall trend piece you should add to your back-to-school shopping list. There’s only three outcomes and it may be wrong, but just for fun, check it out 🙂

This is my result:

Long Feather Earrings And a Boho Bag:
You’re definitely fashionable, but you also love to be comfy and casual. When back-to-school shopping rolls around, you browse for pieces that give off a boho-chic vibe. Anything with feathers is totally “in” and an oversized bohemian bag is essential to complete your easy breezy back-to-school wardrobe.
I have actually been looking for some cute feather earring, well what do you know 🙂 My school bag isn’t too oversized, but still comfy. Not to bad a result Alloy!
Hope you enjoyed the quiz!

Skinny Jeans & a Cardigan

Published August 31, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

I’ve been thinking about how often I see people specifically wearing skinny jeans and cardigans. Those two items come in a variety of colors and styles, which goes to show how you can personalize it a bit, even though it sounds so simple. I wanted to share some skinny jeans and cardigan looks and talk about them and my own opinion on the combo.

This outfit is a more “dressed up” version of the skinny jeans and a cardi. It’s very chic, yet neutral, without being to bland. Since all the colors are relatively matte, the two metallic accessories give the overall outfit a pop of sheen. I think you could wear this out for some drinks, low-key style.

These four outfits use the same  jeans, while switching out the cardigan and shoes. The first features a comfy looking cardi for a chilly morning, maybe while heading to classes,  but its polished off with metallic flats. The second and third look more like the outfits you’d put together to run some errands and a quick shopping trip, okay maybe not so quick 🙂  The last outfit is a put together look for dinner & a movie with your boyfriend/hubby or just a movie with friends.

Now this outfit has cobalt blue written all over it! Now to make sure it’s not too wild, pair it with some dark jeans and neutral belt and cardi. The cascade cardi is really cute, it almost looks like a vertical ruffle, comfy as well. This outfit works for school, errands, and such.

An older pic of me, but I’m wearing my cardi and skinny jeans, at the ice skating rink. Fun day!

Everyone know’s Fall is right around the corner, so everyone will be pulling out their skinny jeans and cardigans. This is a trend that seems to be timeless.

Until next time 😀

Mini Haulage & Semester Start

Published August 31, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

Today at work I gave in after my shift and bought some more stuff (not too much & I work at Marshall’s)! I had said to myself I wasn’t going to purchase anymore things for at least a couple of weeks, since I start school on the sixth of September, which is literally next week; wow, time flies. I need to pay for some books, not to expensive, but I wanted to make sure I had some extra cash available. Oh well, I didn’t do too much damage, plus my employee discount didn’t hurt!

I ended up getting a hot pink compact mirror, (below), shown in different angles because I thought it was that cute! The lights are LED and they work perfectly; they’re pretty bright. I forget the price and can’t find the receipt, but it wasn’t much. The heart in the middle says love in all different languages & fonts, which is appropriate because I love it!

I also got a cute, shredded, hobo-type infinity scarf. The pic doesn’t do it justice; it’s really chic! And it was $5, so I was like wow, I have to get it and it was the only one like it in the shipment today; couldn’t leave it! On another note, my face looks weird cut off, but I took it myself 🙂

Lastly, I will show you guys my fabulous hello kitty socks. They were just to adorable! I bought a few more pairs of socks, but just the plain knee-high kind to where with boots, this fall/winter 😀

Until next time 😀

E.L.F (eyes lips face) brushes and palette!

Published August 28, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

I wanted to write a quick post showing my excitement for my brushes and palette coming within the next couple days!

I purchased the 11-piece studio line brushes and the endless eyes pro mini palette (limited edition), during the 50% off studio line promo. You can order until the 29th! Visit
Pics below!



I will make a video for these products when they arrive, to give you my thoughts! Check back for that!

Online Shopping Pros/Cons & Tips

Published August 27, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion


Okay, the people who know me personally can tell you first hand that I am an online shopaholic. I can always find something I want while shopping online. There’s simply soooo much more to choose from, who doesn’t like that? Well, I guess I shouldn’t; most of the time I don’t have money to spend lol…Either way I get sucked in and end up searching through all the categories and subsequently adding items to my wish list (thank God for those)!

The best thing about it is you’re not walking around for hours, searching  racks, and pushing a cart; ultimately becoming exhausted. You can be anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. All the colors, sizes, and categories are at your finger tips and I can’t forget the fast checkout and shopping at ANY time! There are many websites so I’m sure you’ll be able to find whatever you need; the internet is crazy-cool like that now-a-days.

Also, some sites allow returns to your local store for a refund, but usually merchandise credit, which isn’t bad at all. You can either get the correct size in the store (if they have it) , find something else you like in the store, or buy the correct size online or something else. The option of expedited shipping works for a lot of people and some sites offer signature’s with packages, so they are not left out for someone to come by and swipe.

And of course tracking numbers; if your like me you keep track of your packages. It’s a terrific way to make sure you’ll be around to get the package, have someone around to get it for you, know when to leave a note for the company with directions for the package, or so schedule a pick up on their service website. There’s plenty of ways to ensure your package gets to you safely.


I really like that most sites usually have models or mannequins, to at least visualize how the garment would look on your body, BUT this is also deceiving at times because I’m not a size 0, 2, or 4, like the models or a mannequin. Most likely the garment will look different in my size, sometimes vastly different, accommodating my larger bust, hips, bottom, and thighs. This leads into another disappointment, which is returning the merchandise. Make sure to read the return policy!

Some sites allow in-store returns, like I stated above, but others don’t have that option. Some sites offer a free label to ship it back, but in reality it’s not free at all. They usually deduct roughly $4-7 from the refund amount, depending on the amount of items, to reimburse themselves. If you’ve already thrown away the packaging or the package isn’t reusable, it worse because you have to purchase it and pay the shipping rate right away if there’s no “free label”.

And I can’t forget about scams. If the website doesn’t look legit, pop it into Google. There’s usually evidence that states whether it’s a scam or not. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) seal is safe; type that into Google for more information. Other sites have authorization and safe check-out seals, when in doubt be safe rather than sorry! Also, arrival time can be long, if the company doesn’t have a warehouse nearby or if the site gets a lot of traffic. The extra cost for expedited shipping isn’t great either 😦


  • Check if the site is legit, if you’re not familiar with it
  • Read the return policy
  • Sign up for promotions from your favorite sites
  • Be on the look out for promo codes and sales
  • Check similar sites for comparable or the same merchandise for cheaper prices
  • Always check out the sizing chart, even though it may not always be accurate
  • Be aware of shipping rates
  • Read reviews on the merchandise to avoid issues, i.e sizing, quality, etc…
  • Don’t go bankrupt!
  • Have fun and shop away!

Fall ’11 Semester Lookbook

Published August 26, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

These are some styles and accessories I’ll be wearing this fall!

My Bag: It’s very cute! I love the gold finishes and the tassel detail, but most importantly for me, it has the option of the shoulder strap and the messenger strap! It’s great to have a choice; I know sometimes I have to many things to carry, so I can easily put it across my body, to be hands-free! I bought this bag from; currently on the way! I will make a video on YouTube about how I like it in person. Check in for that.

Sweaters: Cardigans, cardigans, oh and more cardigans! 😀

Cascade Cardigan in black– Clearance $14.99 (they are down to XS in all other colors, gotta love clearance)! I do own this cardigan, it’s a little bit easier to use the site pics! Overall this cardi is very comfy, but I have to say I was a little disappointed that none of the reviews mentioned it was more of an ashy black and a tad bit itchy, very slight though. Oh well, its still a great on the go cardi. I would recommend.

Sweatshirts- Burnout Hanky Hem Sweatshirt in charcoal – Also from, clearance for $19.99. This is a warm and comfy sweatshirt to throw on in the event of a lazy day, which happens often in college. The arms where a little tight, if i wanted to wear long sleeve under it, but other than that the loose bottom looks awesome with yoga pants!

Pants-  Fold-Over Yoga Pants! – From Wetseal, for $12.50, I have the black and charcoal colors. Overall they are soft, comfy, and stretchy, which equals a quality yoga pant! Fantastic match for the sweatshirt!

Jeans: (My FAVS) Morgan or Mallory fit from Delia’s of course!- (image 1 <<<) Morgan low-rise fit in Taupe, I own these and I love them. The stretch is terrific, which is vital for my body type. (image 2 >>>) And the Mallory fit,  has all the same attributes, but it’s a mid-rise. Love it!

And Footwear- 

Bow Moccasin Flat in black for $17.70- Throw on some cute mocc’s, can’t go wrong! I don’t own these, but I do plan to get a pair very soon. They look comfy and easy to slip on!

Round Toe Belted Heel Boot in brown for $35.00- For a more put together look, slip these boots on. I do own these and they have a 3 in. heel, not to bad at all and they are chic!

I hope you enjoyed this post ’til next time!

Welcome World!

Published August 25, 2011 by MyEye4Fashion

I’ve started this blog to talk about fashion, my style, and how things fit on my body type. I want this blog to help girls/women, who have a similiar body type, but also for everyone to come together to discuss trends, make-up and fashion related things. Hopefully, I will be successful in this endeavor, but keep in mind I’m new to this sort of thing!

I will also have things for sale…Jewelry, handbags, footwear, and other items I don’t use as the moment, which are in excellent condition. I will be accepting paypal. I will make a new post when I get that together!

I will also link my YouTube page, when I get videos up as well!

Bare with me and enjoy!